About Me

I'm currently gainfully unemployed, working fulltime on a combination of game development, language and other software development, creative writing, and learning in general.

I'm an academic by trade, with one doctorate in physics and another in computer science. In the physics department, I worked on GPU acceleration for a nuclear structure supercomputer codebase. For computer science, I studied molecular programming and DNA nanotechnology, and worked on a variety of related projects. I'm also interested in formal verification, proof engineering, and programming languages.

I love gamedev! I'm interested in a wide variety of related topics, but my particular focus is voxel technology, factory automation games, and in general any genres that involve complex simulation state. I also think procedural generation techniques are pretty cool.

My language of choice is Rust, with its zero-cost abstractions, ergonomic but close-to-the-metal performance, and secure, compile-time memory management. Besides Rust, I'm a big fan of C#.

Outside of software and game development, I'm a hiker and, of course, an avid player of video games. I'm a hobbyist musician, making up with enthusiasm what I lack in skill, and I read and watch a lot of fantasy and science fiction. Locked Tomb, Arcane, Expanse, and the Baru Cormorant series are some of my favorites.

About This Site

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