Welcome to my website, and welcome to my blog!

I already have an about me page, but I'm going to say a few things here as well. That way this page can stay the same while I update the other one, and I can take a look back in a decade.

I'm Hugh Potter, currently unemployed and doing my level best to enjoy life! I like software, computing, and things that make things. A program is a thing that does or makes something cool. A compiler is a program that makes programs; how cool is that! Ask me about K'nex computers sometime - I have a lot of thoughts.

I love human language and how it works. I also like music and art, and I like how they intersect with math and code. I love gamedev because it's a synthesis of all those things and more besides: a medium that is both technically and artistically fulfilling, whose end product is a piece of interactive art with incredible potential for immersion.

I expect this blog to cover a variety of topics in the general area of math, gamedev, Rust, music, and the like. Next up is hex grids and procedural content!