Hugh Potter |

Education and Skills

B.A. in Physics, Grinnell College, 2010
Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Iowa State University, 2016
PhD. in Computer Science, Iowa State University, 2022
Languages:Rust, Python, C#, C, C++, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript
Tools:Unity, Mathematica, Git
Areas:physics, math, procedural geometry, compilers, graphics

Selected Projects

SturdyHex hex grid library (Rust)
Features: Convert between world position and hex coordinates. Traverse cells, vertices, and edges via an implicit doubly-connected edge structure. Decompose hex grids into hexagonal chunks of arbitrary size

MFDn parallel nuclear structure code (FORTRAN, C, CUDA, MPI, OpenMP)
Features:Perform matrix-based nuclear structure calculations on supercomputers. My contribution, in collaboration with others, was to add GPU acceleration for a physics-based compression scheme to save RAM

Untitled Voxel Game, in development
Features:Voxel game in a persistent, editable infinite world, with inventory and crafting. Mod system allows users to import items, voxels, and crafting recipes via JSON.

ALCH language for chemistry (C#, Unity)
Features: Domain-specific language for chemical systems. My contribution included writing the compiler, simulator, and visualizer.

Work Experience

Research and Teaching Assistant at Iowa State (2010-2022)

Self-supported (2023-present)